Photo3825Welcome to Contemporary Pilates and Face Yoga Nottingham.

I am a Stott Pilates certified teacher and an accomplished wellbeing expert. From rigorous ballet training to gym instructing, leading Exercise to Music classes, to practising yoga, to delivering Pilates sessions for the last 15 years and developing a cranio-facial rejuvenation programme based on face yoga principles.

I am dedicated to helping clients achieving their goals through personally structured programmes and carefully tailored classes to suit the individual abilities. I deliver personal training on an one-to-one basis at clients’ homes. I also teach classes at larger community venues as well as provide corporate training for companies and local businesses. My daily work involves regular fitness instructing for Fitness Clubs and Wellness Facilities. I regularly support physiotherapy patients and rehabilitate chronic injury sufferers.

I have a solid foundation in good education and continuously maintain the quality of applicable knowledge. I read popular publications, research professional sources, attend courses and workshops and most of all I learn from every client’s unique personality and body. I derive my teaching approach from the original Pilates method and apply modern scientific research on bio-mechanics, anatomy and physiology to create a functional, contemporary technique.

I am very grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to experience various concepts of physical training and different ways of intellectual stimulation. I learnt to utilise various forms of expression through art, design, fitness and movement.

Back in the day I studied History of Art, worked as a fashion stylist and have always had love for the interior design. I have now come a full circle renovating, decorating and staging old houses. The best is still yet to come…


Miss I. Tomicka