Regular Classes

Group exercise sessions consist of functional standing Pilates warm-up and matwork based main workout section. Often some small equipment props are introduced to enhance muscular performance and increase one’s mental focus.

The programme offered is based on the Stott Pilates method – a contemporary approach evolved from the original system but developed in collaboration with modern physiotherapy school. Main exercise focus is built on basic principles, such as:

  • breathing
  • pelvic placement
  • rib cage placement
  • scapular movement and stabilisation
  • head and cervical placement

Most sought after results expected from the regular workout are reflected in improved:

  • stability, balance, flexibility,
  • posture, muscular tone and symmetry
  • mobility, neuro-muscular reflex,
  • concentration, agility, coordination,
  • strength from inside – out
  • stamina and endurance,

Pilates is a solution highly recommended by physiotherapists and other medical professionals. Amongst benefits the highlights are: healthy body conditioned in an intelligent way, successful management of chronic back problems, more efficient circulation, respiratory and lymphatic system, reduction in tension, fatigue and work related stress.

Group sessions are designed to deliver a range of Matwork Exercises, suitable for a general population of clients of different ages and abilities. Classes are designed in six weeks modules and are renewable consecutively throughout the year.