Iwona (Yvona) is the best instructor I have had in more than 30 years of attending classes.  Her help and guidance to make sure all exercises are done correctly to avoid injury and actually work the muscle you want is great. I certainly don’t get it right all the time but she is very patient and gives you confidence that anything is possible – with practice!  I would recommend her class to anyone interested in Pilates or just wanting some exercise to try and delay the inevitable ageing process!!

cj >50 – director

I have been attending classes with Iwona for the last 10 months and have stuck with it even on cold rainy nights when I didn’t feel like going out of the house. I’m not looking for miracle cures but really feel that the principles of Pilates as taught by Iwona make sense and feel right. I always sleep like a log after a class. Although I find some of the exercises quite challenging, I think it’s good that Iwona encourages everyone to work at their own level and to stretch themselves. Iwona is indeed the main reason that I have stuck with Pilates. I think she is an excellent teacher who is passionate and very knowledgeable about her subject. She is really skilled at meeting the needs of very different individuals; she never wastes time; the classes are never the same and she herself is a great role model for Pilates. But most of all I love the inspirational way she uses language to paint images of what we are trying to achieve, (which invariably involves cups of coffee and credit cards.) This real live teacher is so much better than any book or DVD could ever be!

Jane Tracey. Retired Teacher, Age 60

I have been learning and practising Pilates with Yvona for three years. She is an excellent teacher. She offers continual guidance and support to her class members to enable us to get more from our bodies. I have found practising Pilates has had the most beneficial effect, not only physically but holistically, as it is such a positive experience. Under Yvona’s instructions and through her excellent routines I have strengthen my core muscles to support all my spine. Yvona always ensures she includes exercises for all the body to mobilise, stabilise, ease discomfort and distress problem areas. I came to Yvona’s class after practising Pilates with other tutors and have found her teaching most beneficial and effective. Whilst encouraging students to challenge their capability she also ensures new members of the class are guided through different levels of ability. she gives constant explanation and demonstration. I would thoroughly recommend attending one of her classes, or working with her on an individual basis in her role as Personal Trainer.

Maureen Godfrey, Retired Teacher of Massage and Complementary Therapies

I attended a 6 week Pilates class run locally by Yvona in 2010 and carried on and attended the following 6 weeks as I got such a lot of benefit from her classes. Each class was clear and precise and I really felt the benefit afterwards especially with my posture, controlling my tummy muscles, overall toning and feel an inch or two taller.  Not having done much exercise since 2002 after a few operations Yvona’s Pilates classes gave me such a boost in strengthening my body again. I enjoyed her classes so much that I joined a gym where she regularly teaches once per week and hardly ever miss her class unless of course it is fully booked. A friend of mine recommended her to me when I first joined her classes, I had little experience of Pilates having only done a couple of classes in other gyms previously but was “hooked” after attending Yvona’s class, perhaps by that string from the top of my head pulling me to the ceiling and making me stand taller! Highly recommended – Yvona is an excellent Pilates Instructor.

Margaret Brady, Age 55, employed by Notts. Probation Trust. 

I got interested in Pilates initially to help my running technique. I researched a number of courses before settling on Contemporary Pilates Nottingham. From the first class, I was impressed with Yvona’s approach and consistency in her delivery of the class. I appreciate the care she takes to ensure correct posture and avoid injury, whilst pushing you for a great workout. Hopefully, the classes will prolong my ability to keep on running and improve my race times.

Peter, Age 55. Project Manager for Food Retailer

In a letter to Fitness Club Manager: “Hi! A bit of a plea please! Would it be possible to have some more Pilates classes with Yvona. She is excellent. Having been a qualified dance teacher myself – albeit a few years ago now – I cannot recommend her teaching highly enough. She corrects people as she goes around the room and is obviously a great advert for Pilates herself. If you are not careful you find some other Pilates lessons becoming more of a relaxation session than actually working yourself!!! Yvona does do classes at St. Jude’s Church in Mapperley, but having joined the gym (…) I know Yvona is keen to do more work with yourselves and I would encourage you to take this forward.”

Joanne Roper, Assistant Relationship Director, Corporate Banking

Hi Iwona. I come to your Sunday morning classes at the gym quite regularly. I’m the tall, blond, middle-aged woman who tends to stand at the back of your classes (just in case you want to know). What I’d say about the classes is, they are very well-run by you. You clearly know your subject inside out and that comes through in your ability  to describe in words what should be happening in our bodies, and of course in your demonstrations. Anyone who’s interested in understanding and improving in pilates has to be taught how their body should feel and move, and you do that extremely well. The fact that your class is always full on a Sunday morning, is testament to how good it is. and despite the fact quite a number of the class, dare I say, are carrying a few extra pounds and are middle aged, you still push us to do more. Also,  you don’t always do the same routines – you expect us to learn more and develop. That challenge is the mark of a good and earnest teacher. You haven’t (apparently at least) given up on us, so your determination that we should improve is an incentive to keep coming. As one teacher to another ( I am also a teacher), I’d say, all classes love a smile – it’s encouraging and warm, so the more you smile, the better the relationship with the class (…). The most important thing for me is that through your classes I have begun to understand what pilates is about and little by little, I feel I am improving. Thank you for this. Best wishes and good luck with your venture. Hope you don’t leave us!

Janet Slack, Teacher

Like Janet we attend Iwona’s Sunday morning class and have done so for two and a half years. We really feel that Iwona has taught us a lot in that time, taking care to instill approaches and methods that have improved our postures and reduced our aches and pains! Iwona is a thoughtful and dedicated teacher who clearly plans her session carefully, both to reinforce exercises and techniques but also introduce variety.  We don’t like to miss a single week and really enjoy our time in Iwona’s class.

Tony and Terry

I’ve been doing Pilates for seven months now having suffered from shoulder pain for several years. Already, I am feeling much better in my shoulder, generally stronger and have more energy. Yvona has a really impressive knowledge of anatomy and Pilates and is always happy to answer questions and give one-to-one advice which is helpful. Having had lessons elsewhere locally, it is clear that Yvona’s teaching methodology is very thorough and thoughtfully developed.

32, Accountant

I’ve been attending Yvona’s classes for eight months having had a baby a year earlier. I had also done gymnastics for seventeen years which has left me with knee and back problems. Very quickly, Pilates made a significant difference to my energy levels, strength, general aches and pains and has been very beneficial to me post-pregnancy.

36, Full-Time Mum

I have been attending Yvona’s Pilates class at St. Jude’s since it started and she is an excellent teacher. She explains things really well and although she encourages you to stretch yourself, she will always gives you an alternative if required. My core strength has improved a lot since doing her class and my posture is much better, especially as I sit down all day typing and tend to slouch at my desk. I particularly like the class when we use the stretch bands and Yvona always varies the class from week to week so you never get bored. I especially like the fact that Yvona will do the class with us, rather then just issue instructions as I have found in other classes I have attended. She is really good at adapting a class to suit all abilities, something which is very important for new clients joining so they are not put off by the session seeming too advanced for them. I am sure anyone joining Yvona’s classes will find them beneficial and enjoyable.

Janet Boulton, 56, Medical Secretary

I started Pilates initially because of a shoulder problem and have been attending Yvona’s classes for about two years now. Yvona is so passionate about her teaching and is very skillful at imparting her considerable knowledge. Every exercise is demonstrated and explained in detail, with different levels for different abilities. Pilates has made me very aware of my postural alignment and how to use muscles in the correct way. As one gets older, it’s really important to try to keep the joints moving and it does require concentration and practice. It takes someone special to make you leave a warm house on a cold evening, but it’s always well worth the effort. When I get in my car after the class I often have to adjust my rear view mirror because I’m a few centimeters taller!

Susan Evans, Age 62, Voice and Speech Teacher

Iwona is an excellent teacher. She explains everything really clearly and demonstrates the exercises at different levels depending on our ability. I really enjoy her classes and I can already see the difference it is making to me. I had very painful sciatica. Iwona spent time with me looking at how I did the exercises and realigned how I was doing them. I have heard other students say how their back pain has been alleviated from doing her classes. I have been doing Iwona’s classes for two years. You have to book in for them as they are always very well attended. I like the fact that anyone of any ability can benefit and there is no “competition” in the class. Everyone can work at their own level. I would highly recommend Iwona’s classes. As an ex- dance teacher and ex-martial arts teacher myself I wanted to be taught Pilates by someone who knows their specialism, teaches safely, who is inspiring and encouraging and a good role model to their students. Found her!

Tracy James, Manager Notts Performing Arts, Nottinghamshire County Council

Iwona agreed to do some personal training with me over 2 years ago and taught me the rudiments of fitness techniques which in turn meant that I had the confidence to attend fitness classes at a variety of different levels. Clearly Pilates is where her heart lies and she is, without doubt, one of the best Instructors in Nottingham and having benefitted from her courses in Nottingham my posture, core strength and general well-being is a direct result of her tutorship and I am so very grateful to her for that. I just wish I’d done it sooner but it’s never too late to start.

Toni Price, NCC

I really enjoy my pilates class with Iwona and would recommend her as a trainer to anyone. As a counsellor and NLP Practitioner I appreciate that there are many therapies to help people live long and prosper. Iwona’s class is so clear and supportive and I really look forwards to going. I have recently had breast cancer and had a lot of treatment and again, attending Iwona’s class has helped me reclaim my body after a lengthy recovery period. 10 out of 10 for Iwona’s Pilates class. Thank you Iwona.

C. O., Psychotherapist